The Month of Love

Happy February! Erica Rains here, the “I” in The Chef and I, with some really fun tidbits for you this week. If you’ve visited the Supper Club for dinner or brunch, or you may have tried one of our mixologist’s creations at the bar. Our bar menu rivals that of the food menu, and is an amazing feature at the restaurant that some don’t know about. Yet.

Our spectacular bartender Britton is writing her own blog, and we are happy to present her first one here! She’ll keep us updated on trends, what she’s working and what you should come try. Next time you are in, ask her for a Ginger Whisk or The Dude. Or my personal favorite (no surprise here), The Glitter. Yes, we have edible glitter. But I’ll let her tell you all about it…Britton16

Hey party people…the fun has arrived!

Britton13I’m on a mission to learn everything there is to know about cocktails, liquor, wine, high gravity beer and the list goes on. What do I do? I get what I’d like to call a life size Dr. Dreadful’s Laboratory (but with glitter and alcohol) at The Chef and I in Lenox Village. In other words, I get to create fabulous cocktails every day for people to enjoy!

In case you haven‘t heard, The Chef and I is one of the fastest growing catering companies in Nashville, but guess what? We have a new restaurant location in Lenox Village, providing the ultimate culinary experience allowing you to interact with the chefs from beginning to end…and while the cuisine created by the Chefs is divine, there is nothing better than finally quenching that thirst after a long hard day at the office!

My bartending experience includes a variety of different places such as Reggae Clubs in Orlando, corporate chain restaurants, 2nd Avenue in Downtown Nashville, and not to mention my own “man-hours” of drinking.Britton05

So we know everyone has a go-to drink. For some it’s a Long Island Tea; others like a simple vodka cranberry or Jack and coke, or maybe even a basic Coors Light and a shot of Fireball. There is nothing wrong with having a go-to drink, (I‘m an Absolut and soda girl myself) but as we get older we aren‘t just going out drinking at bars and clubs anymore. We‘re going to dinner with friends or for martinis and munchies with the office crew.

When you choose to participate in one of these activities you aren‘t drinking just to get drunk. You also want something with good flavor that you can sip on during conversation and that compliments the flavors of what you are eating. I’m doing some experiments and trying some new things out myself, so come party with me and let’s try something new!

Britton’s thought of the day:

Cocktails2014cIf you are scared to try something, you are automatically not going to like it. What is it these kids are saying now-a-day… YOLO is it? You only live once and there is no telling what you are missing out on if you don’t try. Just take a sip.


Love is still in the air…and before you bah humbug that statement, remember what I said last week. It can be your significant other, your parents, your kids, or your furry family members. It doesn’t have to be about ‘the one’, though for some it is. And in that case, at The Chef and I, we’ve got something really cool coming up this week.

It’s called True Colors, and it’s a really innovative and effective workshop for couples that examines personalities and applies them to relationships and expectations within those relationships. While this workshop is perfect for couples planning their wedding, it is also equally as beneficial to those who may have been married for years and need some clarity, or those who aren’t even near marriage, but want to learn more about how to communicate.

TrueColors22014The workshop is being put on by local industry expert Angela Proffitt, known for her incredible events and her work as a logistics planner, creative designer and educator. As a certified True Colors instructor, Angela will take couples through several parts of a process that has been proven to manage personalities and reduce stress with couples.

Seats are limited, but there are still a few slots for couples available. More info/registration.

This workshop is scheduled all over the United States, but to experience it locally, your chance will be Monday at The Chef and I Supper Club at 6pm. Get ready for an incredible dinner, included in your price. The menu is as follows:

Passed Appetizers upon Arrival

Local Whipped Goat Cheese and Bacon
with Balsamic glaze on crostini

Kung Pao Chicken Taquitos
with lime crema

Sweet Potato Butter with Candied Pecan
on wonton with boursin cheese

Coursed Seasonal Dinner Creations
1st Course
Roasted Corn and Jalapeno Bisque
with sun-dried tomato oil, cilantro, garlic toast

2nd Course (Choice of)

Wild Caught Salmon
with a pistachio pesto with seasonal vegetables and potatoes

Sweet Potato and Mascarpone Ravioli
with a Thai coconut sauce with seasonal vegetables

Marinated Beef Flat Iron
with a red wine glaze with seasonal vegetables and potatoes

3rd Course
Vanilla and Milk Chocolate Crème Brulee
with torched sugar

The above menu is adaptable to fit dietary restrictions


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