Hi! It’s Erica. The “I” in The Chef and I. To kick off our spotlight series in our blogs and newsletters, I have chosen Houston Station in Nashville as our first vendor spotlight. I welcome any questions or feedback at – ENJOY!



Houston Station isn’t just a venue. It’s a community of businesses that work together to provide a perfect juxtaposition of ‘grit and glamour’, as they say. In other words, in Nashville, it is the perfect event experience.

Head on over to — and you’ll find yourself turning by (and following) Nashville’s historic railroad tracks for a minute. You feel as if you are being transported back to a time when Nashville was just growing up, and buildings like Houston Station were everywhere. You’ll see it when you round the corner; a brick building with the high small arched windows and some heavy timber structures upon further investigation. The entire Houston Station complex is almost 100,000 square feet. And it’s awesome.

Houston Station1Walk inside and immediately upstairs to be greeted by warmth and an instant rustic Nashville feel. Brides and corporate clients love the options the space affords as well as the genuine ambiance. My company, The Chef and I, feels like part of the family when we are there. We work with them often, and this is where I get to the very best part of Houston Station: the people.

You have to meet these people. You will want to spend an afternoon with them chatting and sipping coffee. The chef and I did when we visited that first day years ago, and thank them continuously for making Houston Station be a part of our lives we will always cherish. Elizabeth and Gordon Gilbreath and Scott Davis are three friends we are lucky to have, and would love to introduce them to you some time.

Every time I’m with Elizabeth, we are doing a walk through with a client, or I’m chatting with her about marketing materials….or life. Gordon always makes me feel calm and happy when I talk to him. These people run an incredibly important historic locale, and yet they keep an even head. I am constantly amazed by their ability to be productive, successful, and still relaxed and happy.

Head on over to Notable Blends, inside this main building where Gordon or Elizabeth will be down the hall. Walk in and ask for Scott Davis. That is his empire, and I assure you, you will want to linger. I believe the first time the chef and I walked in, we stayed well over an hour. I wandered. The chef stayed two. When you put a man that passionate about coffee and another man that passionate about food in another room, you better just pull up a char. It’s going to be a while.

I guess Scott’s coffee shop seems like you are entering another world. Narnia meets Nashville; where on certain nights, right under your nose stars like Lionel Richie are doing a little acoustic therapy on the small stage that would have amazing stories if it could talk. This coffee shop is available to brides and clients holding events as part of a package or on its own, and is such a cool spot. Hands down, it’s one of our favorite places to lounge and enjoy some amazing coffee. It is the best coffee the chef and I have had in any area of the country. Ever. Read about the story of his journey to find the best coffee in the world-it’s pretty amazing.Houston Station space

I am excited to spotlight Houston Station as my first vendor spotlight for The Chef and I. I believe in what they do because of the way they do business and their amazing complex located at 434 Houston Street in Nashville. You will know you are close when you see the tracks. The cool 1800’s industrial feel paired with modern amenities lend itself to be a versatile space that can seat up to 350. Just give Elizabeth or Gordon a call and stop by when you can-be sure to visit Scott and check out Notable Blends too, and let us know how long you ended up staying. I bet the answer won’t be 10 minutes.

If you know of a vendor, client, business partner or other great company that you feel would benefit from being spotlighted here in The Chef and I blog, we’d love to meet them. I always say that I make friends and develop genuine relationships, and often business will follow. It’s the way we do business; through organic referrals, grassroots marketing, and cross promoting our clients, vendors, and business partners. If you are not yet one of those with us, we would be honored if you would consider partnering with our culinary world in some way. Just like Scott’s coffee shop, we like to create an experience that you won’t forget.

Thanks again to Houston Station for the years of wonderful business. With more weddings and events on the books with them in the future, we are excited to see what this year brings; and many years to come. Check them out at and learn more about the magical coffee room at Noteable Blends.

Thank you friends! I hope to see you soon, either at the restaurant, or at an event we are catering for you. And remember….life is short! It might as well be delicious!



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